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Currently Loving : Mixing Patterns

Off Campus , I am now all CRAZY about mixing patterns , Its been a trend going on for a quite long time. If you have a passion for fashion then you know how fun it is to spend 30 minutes experimenting different outfits , colors and Patterns.  Usually , i love going for effortless looks but this one has got me hooked . It’s quite hard because you don’t want to end up looking like a clown and personally I hate outfits that may seem “too loud” . You don’t need to go out there and buy something new, you can mix and match from your own wardrobe.  You are also very welcomed to play around with fabrics

Some Street Style Pictures , Not the crazy Runway Pictures that are just not wearable :

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Some Tips :

1) Stripes and Florals go great together , especially if we are talking pastel colors. Different Graphic Prints go perfect together. Plaid and  Polka Dots work wonders too.

2) Cardigans are a good way to throw in some pattern without over doing  your outfit . Or throwing in a Playful Scarf .

3) Color Theme is very important when it comes to Mixing Patterns , you need to find a base color or theme  that your outfit revolves around .

Personally , I like to take the “Mixing Patterns ” look  to give me that African Tribal Vibe where i Mix A lot Neutral Colors, Slouchy Sweaters, Stripes and Tribal Prints .And my all time favorite is the Preppy Look . I Incorporate polka dots , Vintage Belts and Mix silk with cotton . And Maybe add a floral headpiece

Cheers !


60’s Inspired Peter Pan Collars

These kind of 60’s inspired collar shirts , you will find in your Grandma’s wardrobe which I recommend checking out ! They are a big thing around runways in all Fall 2011/2012 Fashion Shows . And I am so excited to go shopping and hunt for peter pan collared shirts and dresses. Like any other trend , Peter pan collars can look either cute and feminine or all glamorous and dressed up with sequins.

Here are pictures of celebrities who are reviving the style :

Hailee Steinfeld

Alexa Chung

Look for less: Stella McCarteny Polka Dot Dress

The polka dot trend is again huge . I am not much of a polka dot person and I wouldn’t dig in for that trend EXCEPT and again EXCEPT for the famous Stella McCartney Polka Dot Dress that I have been eyeing for a while now and Can’t get my hands on . But Last night , My eyes spotted a Zara Dress in the TRF Section that looks quite similar. So hey , here you go ,the same look for much less of a price !

Stella McCartney Polka Dot Dress

Zara's Own Version of the Stella McCartney Dress

Event : Deana Shaaban Fall’ 11 Collection Launch

Last Night was Amazing , Period . I went Over to Deana Shaaban’s Collection Launch at Theodor Boutique in Maadi. I only stayed there for half an hour and kind of Mingled with Deana Shaaban for about 15 minutes which was super inspiring . She gave me tips on starting out in the Fashion Industry . They had table Set ups and Music , Oh and the Best Part is that i got a gift bag ! That had a black and white puffy barrette ! Everybody was wearing one of them and sipping their sparkling water . The scene was cute 🙂 .

When you first get in the boutique everything is black and white and you wonder . Is it boring ? Or is it like a Monochrome trend she’s following ? Or what . I could not understand the story behind her new clothing line until i talked with her . Unfortunately, I think it is kind of unethical for me to “Review” the actual collection and it’s pieces in details here in my blog because i am supposed to write an article about it later on that will soon be published in a Magazine .

Here is her facebook Group :

And i have her Number if any of you would like to connect with her for any reason ! 🙂 Obviously Fashion Related

Internship Opportunity + Reminder to Self

Internship Opportunity – Cairo
Amina K . Intern
In the Production Department
Please send CV to

Internship Opportunity – NYC, NY
Marc Jacobs Sales Internship
Intern on Tuesdays and Thursdays and receive school credit
Please only send resumes if you are interested in the sales internship to

Reminder to Self :
‎”If you love what you do , You will Never Have to work one day ” – Ahmed AboulEzz .
“Because I was born a Champion” Chris Brown
I know its kind of cheesy , But I am only trying to remind myself that I need to follow my dreams because I have passion in them no Matter how much people make fun of you or bring you down .

The OhsoFeminine Midi

It’s that one feminine piece every girl should have in her wardrobe : Yes, Its The Midi ! Which is probably my most loved trend and i don’t care if it’s for spring , summer or winter “trend” because it’s never that cold in Cairo. For me , It’s amazing how it looks so effortlessly polished and it is always a fun piece to play around with. Mixing different bold colors , patterns, textures like silk , chiffon or cotton and customize this midi to your personal Taste!

Asos Animal Print Midi

H&M Flow y Powder Pink Midi - 200 EGP

You can go back to the 70’s and pull this Midi out with some high Neck sweater and pumps for a sleek Classy look Or balance out the sexiness with a Chunky sweater/Cardigan  and some sparkly flats for a perfectly balanced flow y like look. For colors , you can stick to the fall colors , try bold color combinations or cling on to the spring and summer pastels. Oh and throw in a Panama Hat and you will look like a real princess.

But be careful this trend can also be a lot tricky because it can be unflattering to your body shape in many ways making you look short , fat or boxed like . I recommend going for Midis that falls just below the knee for all the short ones out there and as for the taller crowd , a midi that falls right at the ankle is perfect .

Review : Shorouk Jewelry Designer @ Amuse

On a Friday Morning, window Shopping in Zamalek Boutiques, I stopped at Amuse in and took a look inside and just right there I saw these lively and magical pieces of art that I couldnt stop staring at. A bunch of unique pieces of Jewelry hit me like eye candy; they were basically made out of rhinestones, sequins, metal and Swarovski crystals. The Pieces are a perfect combination of a childish and an elegant kind of theme and NO, Don’t even get me started talking abut the color combination she uses!

Sassy Rita Cadillac Necklace

So, first thing I did back home was Google Shourouk and see the brilliant mind behind this Jewelry Line and there she was: A French Jewelry Designer who is Parisian with a Tunisian background. Before creating her own brand in 2007, her designs quickly became part of various prestigious fashion house like Chloé, Galliano and Roberto Cavalli.

Beads , Sequins and Pretty Colors

Shourouk Working on her Jewlery Pieces

One last note which is kind of like the bad news: her Pieces are more on the expensive side. But hey, you can always have that 1 year round Splurge item!

You can Find her pieces at Amuse Lifestyle Concept store: 15 Ismail Mohamed Street , Borg Jeddah, Zamalek,Cairo.

Also , Here is her E-Shop :

Cheers !