First Blogpost Attempt .

Hello World ,

Well this is my first attempt at being a fashion blogger . So Let me Introduce myself first , I am 19 year old Female who studies at the German University in Cairo majoring in Marketing and Innovation and expect to graduate in 2012  !  I always had passion for the Fashion Industry but i had to push that passion aside for many personal reasons . Everything changed 2 Months ago on my exchange experience in Indonesia where I met young expat designers in Bali who were very Inspiring and on spot I decided to follow my dream.I am not sure where i would fit in the fashion Industry ( Designer , Stylist , Editor , PR ,..) . So that’s why i will be experimenting with a couple of fashion internships this year and see where my heart takes me . Right now , I am interning at What women want Magazine as  Fashion Editor and we will see how that goes . Wish me luck .

Lots of Love



One response to “First Blogpost Attempt .

  1. Hello maie , it seems you are a good content creator , i can offer you free domain name and free hosting for your website , so you can own a full website , not just a free blog .
    i.m from egypt , you can email me ( my email at comment template) to talk about this.
    thank you for your time

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