Review : Shorouk Jewelry Designer @ Amuse

On a Friday Morning, window Shopping in Zamalek Boutiques, I stopped at Amuse in and took a look inside and just right there I saw these lively and magical pieces of art that I couldnt stop staring at. A bunch of unique pieces of Jewelry hit me like eye candy; they were basically made out of rhinestones, sequins, metal and Swarovski crystals. The Pieces are a perfect combination of a childish and an elegant kind of theme and NO, Don’t even get me started talking abut the color combination she uses!

Sassy Rita Cadillac Necklace

So, first thing I did back home was Google Shourouk and see the brilliant mind behind this Jewelry Line and there she was: A French Jewelry Designer who is Parisian with a Tunisian background. Before creating her own brand in 2007, her designs quickly became part of various prestigious fashion house like Chloé, Galliano and Roberto Cavalli.

Beads , Sequins and Pretty Colors

Shourouk Working on her Jewlery Pieces

One last note which is kind of like the bad news: her Pieces are more on the expensive side. But hey, you can always have that 1 year round Splurge item!

You can Find her pieces at Amuse Lifestyle Concept store: 15 Ismail Mohamed Street , Borg Jeddah, Zamalek,Cairo.

Also , Here is her E-Shop :

Cheers !


3 responses to “Review : Shorouk Jewelry Designer @ Amuse

  1. I’m loving her designs. I have a feeling you’ll open our eyes to many things we didn’t know about. 😉

  2. good job maie 🙂 xx

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