Event : Deana Shaaban Fall’ 11 Collection Launch

Last Night was Amazing , Period . I went Over to Deana Shaaban’s Collection Launch at Theodor Boutique in Maadi. I only stayed there for half an hour and kind of Mingled with Deana Shaaban for about 15 minutes which was super inspiring . She gave me tips on starting out in the Fashion Industry . They had table Set ups and Music , Oh and the Best Part is that i got a gift bag ! That had a black and white puffy barrette ! Everybody was wearing one of them and sipping their sparkling water . The scene was cute 🙂 .

When you first get in the boutique everything is black and white and you wonder . Is it boring ? Or is it like a Monochrome trend she’s following ? Or what . I could not understand the story behind her new clothing line until i talked with her . Unfortunately, I think it is kind of unethical for me to “Review” the actual collection and it’s pieces in details here in my blog because i am supposed to write an article about it later on that will soon be published in a Magazine .

Here is her facebook Group : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Deana-Shaaban/128807787196945

And i have her Number if any of you would like to connect with her for any reason ! 🙂 Obviously Fashion Related


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