Currently Loving : Mixing Patterns

Off Campus , I am now all CRAZY about mixing patterns , Its been a trend going on for a quite long time. If you have a passion for fashion then you know how fun it is to spend 30 minutes experimenting different outfits , colors and Patterns.  Usually , i love going for effortless looks but this one has got me hooked . It’s quite hard because you don’t want to end up looking like a clown and personally I hate outfits that may seem “too loud” . You don’t need to go out there and buy something new, you can mix and match from your own wardrobe.  You are also very welcomed to play around with fabrics

Some Street Style Pictures , Not the crazy Runway Pictures that are just not wearable :

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Some Tips :

1) Stripes and Florals go great together , especially if we are talking pastel colors. Different Graphic Prints go perfect together. Plaid and  Polka Dots work wonders too.

2) Cardigans are a good way to throw in some pattern without over doing  your outfit . Or throwing in a Playful Scarf .

3) Color Theme is very important when it comes to Mixing Patterns , you need to find a base color or theme  that your outfit revolves around .

Personally , I like to take the “Mixing Patterns ” look  to give me that African Tribal Vibe where i Mix A lot Neutral Colors, Slouchy Sweaters, Stripes and Tribal Prints .And my all time favorite is the Preppy Look . I Incorporate polka dots , Vintage Belts and Mix silk with cotton . And Maybe add a floral headpiece

Cheers !


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