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miu miu and micheal kors faceoff

okay , obviously they are not EXACTLY the same but 1. Both shades of pink  2. Both have same size  3. Both are satchel-like bags . What triggered this post was the obvious 500 GBP price difference ( ehhhm ) and my search for a less priced version . Both are really feminine and can be the perfect way to spice up my underdressed/sometimes tomboyish  style . Oh and it’s something i see Alexa Chung wearing . So , Who wins ? Miumiu or Micheal Kors ?

On the left : Micheal kors ( image via selfridges ) . On the right: Mimi ( image via miumiu )


Egyptian version of the “White out” trend

I love white , sheer , lace and anything that sparkles so if one of these go up to the spring 2012 trend category , i’ll be more than happy to be a trend follower. Below are pictures of little black white dresses from the spring 2012 fashion shows , you can see some are quite structured while others are loosely flow-y.

image via Fashionlogie


By now you are wondering , where/what/who is the egyptian version of that trend setter. It’s ” Nana’s Closet” , a brand run by Dina Said , a brand that started by an inspiration of vintage items hence the name Nana ( Grandma ) Closet. Enough talking , below is a great ensemble of hers for SS’12 shown at london fashion week . Isn’t it great that we have such talent in Egypt ?

image via Dina Said Facebook profile


asymmetrical love

I love the whole asymmetrical skirt/dress trend for Spring 2012 . Its amazing what these skirts do for your body shape. I am quite short but they give me an elongated flowy kind of feel and anything that makes me look tall is on my love list .

Chanel gone Bollywood

This one is a favorite because I LOVE INDIA and eventually I would love to move there . It cannot get any better when Chanel , a fashion icon takes their new Pre-Fall 2012 collection to different heights . They were able to keep their staple items like tweed and the straight cuts while giving it a Bollywood twist. Enough talking , check this out and you’ll truly be inspired by Chanel’s take on Indian luxury