the Maria Grachvogel show experience

The minute my tights went all crazy on me I thought this is a bad day but  reality is I couldn’t have wished for a better day. It was a one day Internship to help backstage at the Maria Grachvogel show at London fashion week . Oh boy , I was overwhelmed , psyched and my brain was dancing . It took place at the Savoy Hotel which is BEAUTIFUL ! I got to know other interns who looked so put together and had this oh I’ve done this a million times before attitude but reality is they are just as psyched as me. Okay so the day went as follows I unloaded champagne boxes from a Limo , Packed the gift bags for the FROWS ,  helped set up all the racks, clothes and models boards , and finally got assigned to a Model which I later on dressed for two different looks . It was so surreal and In my head i was all like Damn yes this could be part of a reality show. I am so lucky to get such an experience and meet so many people from the Industry and I thank god for that and I thank him for giving me strength to stay true to who I am in such a pressuring industry . I was also really lucky to get some pictures in between tasks so here you go !

Orla-one of the coolest Irish person I've got to meet - and I

MAC Makeup artist grooming the model

One of my fav models , Renee , getting interviewed by Fashion TV

THE frontstage


Maria Herself !


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